Heather Ann Ferri is the author of Victim to Victory, healing generational abuse from my bloodline. Her book is a memoir of how her childhood abuse affected every aspect of her adult life from career, health, and relationships.

Heather Ann spent a decade in New York City performing on Broadway and producing and writing off-Broadway shows on women’s issues. She holds a Guinness Book of World Record for 16 continuous turns on one foot in tap shoes. Heather’s diverse career in yoga, pilates, and the theater stopped when she started to experience chronic pain. Western medicine wanted to label her and hand her pills for the rest of her life with no real solutions.

Listening to her intuition led her down a unique path of ancient sciences. These sciences saved her life. Through the dark knight of the soul ( hell ), Heather Ann retrieved medical information from the Christ Lineage: Anna, Mother Alamari, Joseph, Magdalene, and Yeshua. This is when her authentic healing abilities were birthed. She was able to heal her genetic red-blood-cell disorder, cancer, complex PTSD, and chronic pain. With every client, she coaches and every talk she gives she wants you to know anything is possible with the will and heart of I am.

Heather Ann has facilitated over 100 groups in various areas in the USA and Mexico.

Transformational Programs


What story is your body telling you?

Deep detox, scientific yogic movement, breath work, and medical meditations.


Rewire your mind for Happiness!

Medical meditations, breathing meditations, and emotional psychology.


Trust and Develop your Intuition

Cleanse the gut (detox chemicals), medical meditations for pineal and pituitary, breath meditations, and sixth chakra yoga set.

Women’s Empowerment Retreats:
Health, Healing, and Happiness.

I customize programs working as a team member and organize through businesses wellness retreat programs.

What are people saying about my book

“Heather’s story inspired me. She shared so much pain and endured so muchheartache,yet she never gave up on herself. Heather kept digging deeper into her own story until it finally made sense to her.I learned from her there is a way through every block.Heather, you are a true lightworker and a blessing to the world.”

Alyssa Lawman

“You won't finish this book in a weekend! It is full of heartache, pain, disappointment, and betrayal. Heather has a rare gift in being completely soulful and naked to share how God and her mystical experiences shaped her. I learned the connections between the body, mind, and soul.”

Michele Levine

“I found the chapters on her show-business days in New York to be eye opening. The mystical manner in how she started tap dancing in the clubs with the masters. How those legendary tap masters welcomed her skills and helped her heal on stage. Finally, leaving what most would consider a successful career to go home and heal. Reading this book gave me a humbling perspective of my judgements in life.”

Douglas William Malcom

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