From Victim to Victory!

A 45–120-minute interactive talk.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, I have no idea who is looking back at me? Heather Ann talks about her journey in losing her sense of self. How her addictions took over her emotional and mental stability. What it felt like to go from World Record Holder to not being able to walk without chronic pain. How healing herself brought her closer to God. Teaching you how your pain, problems, or conflict is your greatest asset in disguise?

“Reading Heathers’ book is therapeutic. It is a resource for abuse survivors; for those connected to survivors through friendship, love relationships, work, or family; and for those therapists, alternative healers and educators who seek to be professional resources.”

Victoria Hanchin
LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

How breathing meditations heal pain, increase energy,
and produce a positive environment

A 45–120-minute interactive talk.

Heather Ann explores our greatest gift in life - our breath. How we take our breath for granted. How all her healing programs begin with the foundation of the breath. The psychology behind your breath patterns and the connection to the gut. How breath assists in healing pain. How meditations with a deep breath enhance mental focus. How breath meditations shift your mood to happiness!

    You will learn

  • 3 basic breathing exercises. The science behind them and how to start a ten-minute self-care practice.
  • What breathing meditations are taught for mental clarity.
  • What breathing meditation can be taught for deep sleep.

Scientific American

A growing number of studies show that breathing techniques are effective against anxiety and insomnia. These techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).

Pub Med on How Breathwork can change your life

Forbes Article: How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits of Controlled Breathing.

  • Regulates your blood pressure
  • Segmented breath meditations address the brain’s emotional control regions.
  • The rhythm of your breathing affects memory.
  • Controlled breathing can boost the immune system and improve energy metabolism.
  • Breathing meditations can release emotional pain and reduce acidity and stress being stored internally in the body.

Healing my OCD and anxiety changed my communication skills and increased my profits

A 45–120-minute interactive talk.

Heather Ann struggled with conscious communication due to her OCD. She spoke from a place of control and limitations and was challenging to collaborate with. Healing her childhood trauma gave her the confidence to dig deeper into her OCD. She realized her type-A personality and "perfectionist" attitude was holding her back. Learning the OCD brain protocol was not easy butreleasing those old programs and feeling mentally open and creative was freeing. Heather's stories of her clients with severe OCD will inspire you. Healing happens when your heart is open to new ways of being.

Pub Med for Kundalini OCD meditation series

Om Times: Noninvasive Treatments for OCD

  • Least understood mental issue today.
  • Psychotropic drugs experience mild improvements.
  • Kundalini Yogic OCD Brain Protocol has shown to be the most effective treatment for OCD.
  • Trauma and OCD commonly occur together.
  • Many suffer in silence out of fear, shame, and guilt.

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