• Sharon McGruder

    New York Actress /Teacher
  • Kathleen Erbe

    Teacher / Grandmother
  • Marysia Hilderbrand Mauck

    Coach / Mother / Teacher Training Program

” After a few months of attending classes regularly and eventually adding weekly private sessions, I was able to stop taking medication. My behavioral therapist was astounded by my rapid progress and she happily released me from her care.

I just “woke up” and started questioning everything about my life and what I wanted for my future.”

Melissa Halgas

Senior Director Health Plan Services at Scripps Health

“You made me believe in something I have never actually believed in because I have no experience at all. What you did during that healing meditation changed my world. Feeling my mother’s love and presence for those few minutes was a true gift to me. Your abilities are something I have never in my life encountered. I am beginning to understand what it means to be a healer. The OCD brain protocol has dismantled some old fears and belief systems and I am feeling lighter and happier. “

Lisa Cody

Scientist - Animal Advocate - Student

“Heather was a Godsend to me when I was at a complete loss about my overall health and healing after trying almost everything under the Sun. The healing tools she equipped me with have been instrumental in reaching my full potential and gaining my authentic self. She was tough, honest, and rightfully demanding of the work that needed to be done for my own highest good. I am forever grateful to God for bringing Heather into my life. The best part about it all she taught me to become my own healer.”

Meryem Mammedova

Business Owner ~ Mother

“Heather is such an uplifting and inspirational person. She has great leadership skills and has helped me succeed personally and professionally.”

Andrea Keading

“Heather Ann is an awesome coach and spiritual guide and gives nothing but her heart and soul in helping her students heal and obtain their dreams.”

Heidi Walker

“Heather is a blessing to this world! She offered me a wealth of new experiences and gave me a healing tool kit when I was done.

Thank you for empowering me!”

Alyssa Lawman